We provide manual team testing service

A professional test team, in-depth know the project progress and development, will be directly assigned to your team. On the professional bug management cloud platform, track project progress, feedback Bug situations, and regression testing issues. Let the testing experts join in your team directly.

Do those problems bothered your team

The trial and error are costly by test newcomers
No platform is prepared for Bug tracking and management
Without testing before it releases

Now, we are your personal testers

Professional testers, deep into team works

Having a tester may be time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly. Now, the professional testers are directly assigned to your team, in-depth knowing of the product line, and cooperate with the development and test progress at any time.

Feedback Bug in real-time, online problem-solving

With our testers and your team, problems will be fed back to Bug management cloud in real-time. It makes the test and fix become truly at any time. Besides, you can manage and track all Bugs on it.

Using Tracup, managing your project efficiently

A unique Tracup project has been prepared for each team. Bug is the most important asset to each team. So we promise all bugs will be stored properly. In order to manage project efficiently, all bugs will be tracked in real-time.

From now on, team test is not your vexation