Security Test

Implemented by mobile security experts, App on the loopholes, security risk testing, the server (server, communications) for in-depth penetration testing. End-to-end assessment of security risks and recommendations for remediation.

We can offer you

  • 客户端自动化检测
  • 丰富的漏洞检测库
  • 直观强大的测试报告
  • 漏洞实时更新
  • 云端数据计算与存储
  • 强大的应用数据库资源
  • 动静态结合应用测试
  • 真实情景预测行为检测技术

  • 丰富的漏洞检测库
  • 服务端分布式漏洞扫描
  • 漏洞库实时更新
  • 自动化检测
  • 人工渗透测试
  • 通信、API 接口漏洞
  • 业务逻辑漏洞
  • 深度模拟攻击测试

  • 丰富的漏洞检测库
  • 服务端分布式漏洞扫描
  • 人工渗透测试
  • 通信、API 接口漏洞
  • 业务逻辑漏洞
  • 深度模拟攻击测试
  • 测试多个资产
  • 一对一订制测试需求

Efficient automated testing

Powerful vulnerability database information storage, the use of unique scenarios to predict behavior detection technology, dynamic and static combined with comprehensive testing, cloud efficient completion of the test, the fastest as long as 5 minutes to complete, showing high-quality security test report.

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Penetration manual testing

Artificial safety testing, in-depth penetration of security points one by one detection detection. The communication, API interface, business logic vulnerabilities such as manual testing, depth simulation attack scenarios, the stability of the application of security.

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Fully self-defined tests

According to the characteristics and types of asset information, with the mobile end, the service side and other aspects of one-on-one custom security testing needs. > Multiple dimensions more fit product requirements, compared to the latest rich loopholes in the library, for security

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Vulnerability monitoring

Common vulnerabilities are detected by static vulnerability scanning and dynamic execution.

Penetration Evaluation

We will do penetration testing on the client, the server, and communication, comprehensive detection of security risks.

Repair recommendations

To provide the feasible repair plan for the discovered security loophole and the risk.

Professional report

When the test is complete, generate a professional test report that contains the vulnerability information.

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