About Us

Pgyer is a product of Xi'an Diance Company, which focus on App beta test.

Pgyer.com is a platform for iOS and Android developers to upload and manage thier Apps. What's more, it also keep solving difficult problems in testing period and keep developing SDK and other tools for developers to do more.

zc.pgyer.com provides beta test service for iOS, Android App and App Store release service. There are security test, iOS pre review, App store release, iOS Enterprise Signature, Compatibility Test and Security Test etc. Experience team, full manual service, 7x24 hours online service, save a lot of time and cost for App test and online.

Tracup is a milestone product for Pgyer. In order to help Internet companies and teams to have more conveniece and experience no regional work, we carefully created a simple and efficient Bug management system. Convenient Bug reporting system, Lightweight project management, perfectly combination of Bug management and team collaboration. Let's enjoy our work like an art show.

About team

Pgyer core team members mostly from Tencent, Microsoft, ThoughtWorks and other well-known Internet companies. Core members have been working for many years, the team in the Web, mobile applications, desktop software and other fields have a wealth of development and operational experience.

Pgyer test team members have a very rich industry experience, involving mobile applications, web, electricity, education, finance, games, video and other fields. Various areas of the test experts, for different products of different processes, for the specific, professional services.

We want to say

Pgyer is not only our dream but also a platform on which we show our value. We aspire to help developers to complete App test and release whith the coolest technology and the most wonderful design. From solving problem to prefect solving problem is the starting point for our thinking and working. In the face if a fair and open world, only focus on always solve the problem for the user so that obtain a congtinuous breakthrough.

At present, Pgyer has provided testing services, zc services, online services and other cloud management services for a large number of mobile Internet companies, involving social.

More professional

We continue to pursue more professional testing technology, in the industry for more in-depth mining. For different scenarios and multi-faceted requirements, we are constantly improving our professional standards, which can be better for the user service, to achieve higher professional standards and more detailed product testing output. All testers are tested and certified by the ISTQB International Software Testing and Certification Board to ensure a more professional, professional attitude towards the service, and a more professional, assured and standard service for each service.

ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) The International Software Testing and Certification Board, a registered nonprofit organization in Belgium, is the only authoritative software testing accreditation body in the world. It is responsible for the development and promotion of the International Qualification Certification Framework, the ISTQB® Certified Tester project, which is the International Software Testing and Certification Board. The project is accredited by ISTQB® to organize national software testing engineers to certify and accept ISTQB® quality control, and to issue a globally accepted software testing engineer qualification certificate.

Update log

May, 2016Tracup online

Jan, 2016Voucher function online

Dec, 2015Authentication user privilege online

Nov, 2015iOS pre review、iOS Release online.

Nov, 2015Work order online

Nov, 2015SMS notify testers service online

Oct, 2015Webhook Online

Sept. 2015Merge app function online

Aug. 2015Update SDK, add more personalized settings

July. 2015Start Weekly Beta Apps plan

June. 2015Pgyer new home page online

May. 2015One page supports multiple templates

Feb. 2015SDK online、in-app feedback、Crash Log online

Dec. 2014App group、UDID online

Dec. 2014International,OpenAPI online

Oct. 2014Mac、Windows client online

Sept. 2014iOS、Android client online

July. 2014pgyer.com online