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Pgyer is a product of Xi'an Diance Company, which focus on App beta test.

pgyer.com is a platform for iOS and Android developers to upload and manage thier Apps. What's more, it also keep solving difficult problems in testing period and keep developing SDK and other tools for developers to do more.

zc.pgyer.com provide testing Apps and publishing on Appstore services for iOS and Android Apps. For example, iOS Pre Review, iOS Release, Compatibility Test and Security Test etc。Our test engineers have over 10 years experience in testing Apps, and our teams will be 7x24 online to help you solve difficities and answer question. We aspire to help developers and development teams saving time and money.

Tracup is a milestone product for Pgyer. In order to help Internet companies and teams to have more conveniece and experience no regional work, we carefully created a simple and efficient Bug management system. Convenient Bug reporting system, Lightweight project management, perfectly combination of Bug management and team collaboration. Let's enjoy our work like an art show.

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