iOS Super Signature

Say goodbye to the company's signature signing troubles, help you easily save a lot of customer costs
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Unique mechanism, Safe and stable

The iOS super signature adopted by Pgyer is different from the enterprise signature mechanism, the probability of a dropout is much lower than that of a traditional corporate signature.

No jailbreak, install and use

No need for corporate signature, no jailbreak, no Apple review required, no need to put on the App Store, download and install

One-on-one professional service

Whether it is before or after the sale, we will solve any problems you ask at any time by one-on-one.

Not the same iOS signature, different advantages

iOS super signature
Because the mechanism is different from the company signature, the probability of a drop is much lower than the signature of the company.
Even if it is dropped, it only affects a small number of users.
Downloading and installing the app on the same device does not limit downloads
Charge by device quantity
iOS corporate signature
As Apple’s review becomes more stringent, the risk of losing the mark is increasing day by day.
Every time you lose your bid, it is very expensive.
Calculate the number of corporate signature downloads per download
Charge by download times

From purchase to use, the steps are clear and guaranteed

Upload the IPA installation package

Buy on demand

Successful signature

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common problem

Need to provide the source code of the app?
No need to provide, just provide the ipa format installation package with Build Configuration as Release.
Is there a limit to the size of the installation package?
The application package size is recommended to be no more than 150M and the maximum cannot be greater than 400M.
What are the payment methods, including invoices and contracts?
Our service currently supports Alipay, WeChat payment and remittance in three ways. All of our services are invoices. In Billing Management, choose to request an invoice to invoice the purchased service. If you need a contract, you can contact us by mail or work order to request a paper contract.
If I buy 1,000 people now, and buy 1000 people after half a year, are they expired separately?
Yes, it expires separately according to the order time.
How long does it take to sign?
After the website is placed, our system will automatically start the signing process. Generally, the signature is good within 10 minutes. If there are other special circumstances, the customer service will inform you of the completion time.
Can a signed app be searched in the App Store?
No, the super-signed app can send the link directly to the user for installation, no jailbreak, no Apple account, no Apple review.
If the same device is uninstalled after the application is installed, and then re-installed, is there a device or two when charging?
According to the actual number of devices, only one device is calculated.