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Have a certificate pool, multi-application sharing, easy to view installation trends

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At a glance account data

Private certificate pool, support for adding personal Apple developer account to easily manage personal accounts, view account device information, one-click synchronization account data

Clear equipment installation trend

Clearly view application installation trends, query device installations at different times, and bid farewell to cumbersome login operations

Simple application signing process

Just upload the app to get the signature address after review, update the app anytime and anywhere, make the update version faster and easier; also set different device installations according to different applications, better control the application installation status

Complete UDID usage management

Each installation record is recorded in detail, and the device model, system version, access time, IP address, and certificate of use are displayed one by one, no longer causing troubles due to incorrect data.

common problem
Is there a charge for entering a personal developer account?
No, just enter the second verification code when you enter.
Does updating the app cost equipment?
No, support for unlimited updates.
How long does it take to sign?
After uploading the app on the website, our system will automatically start the signing process. Generally, it will be signed within 10 minutes. If there are other special circumstances, the customer service will inform you of the signature time.
If the same device is uninstalled after the application is installed, and then re-installed, is there a device or two when charging?
According to the actual number of devices, only one device is calculated.
Need to provide the source code of the app?
No need to provide, just provide the ipa format installation package with Build Configuration as Release.
What conditions do I need to add to my account?
The account you add first needs to purchase the personal developer service and Apple approves it. Before adding the account, please make sure that at least one developer certificate can be created under the account. After adding the account, please do not delete the certificate we added under the account to avoid the application. Unable to install or flash back.